The Royal Standard - Our Foundation

At Royal, nothing is worth doing unless it is done right. We believe that quality is built from the ground up, from a solid foundation formed by quality engineering, quality manufacturing, and quality operational support. We will always demand more of ourselves and our product than our customers will, and we will always strive for unfaltering quality in everything we do.

Manufactured with Care, Tested for Durability

We take pride in our Royal products, and rigorously evaluate for their quality. Whether it is base raw material and chemical analysis, or raw component destructive testing and batch management, quality control continues for the entirety of all product lifecycles.

Quality by Design, Quality through Engineering


 The Royal approach to new product development is simple. Design a product to work for the customer’s needs, and engineer the product to exceed them. 

Sustainable Success


At Royal, our interest is in forging customer relationships built on trust and reliability. When opportunities present a new set of challenges, we are dedicated to supporting our customer’s technical and operational needs to ensure success in all aspects of their completion.